Hacker gets jail time for serial DDoS attacks

A 23-year-old man from Arizona was sentenced to 20 months in jail for launching distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks at the computer networks of Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, three years ago that caused outages to the city’s emergency communications systems and other services, according to a press release by the US Department of Justice.

The prison sentence is part of a plea deal that Randall Charles Tucker, who went by the online moniker “Bitcoin Baron,” closed with prosecutors.

The attacks, which made Madison’s government networks inaccessible several times over a span of nearly a week in March 2015, were part of a broader DDoS campaign that Tucker is thought to have waged against various American cities at the time. However, the plea agreement, which also includes an order for Tucker to pay $69,000 in restitution, only covers the attacks at Madison.

It’s not clear what prompted Tucker to attack the city’s municipal services. The attacks came just days after the shooting of 19-year-old Tony Robinson by a Madison police officer, an incident that sparked public outcry.

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