PS-AutoLab-Env – Error creating new labs New-LabImage: Either Name or Index parameter is required

So I spent some time today trying to get this to work and finally figured it out. Run the below two lines in the host Powershell window. Then run the configurations.

You can replace the labmedia ID’s which are used by the AutoLab script with the following commands:

Register-LabMedia -force -Id “2016_x64_Standard_EN_Eval” -MediaType “ISO” -Uri ‘C:\AutoLab\ISOs\2016_x64_EN_Eval.iso’ -Architecture ‘x64’ -Description ‘Windows Server 2016 Standard Evaluation (Desktop Experience)’ -ImageName ‘Windows Server 2016 Standard Evaluation (Desktop Experience)’ -Filename ‘2016_x64_EN_Eval.iso’

Register-LabMedia -force -Id “2016_x64_Standard_Core_EN_Eval” -MediaType “ISO” -Uri ‘C:\AutoLab\ISOs\2016_x64_EN_Eval.iso’ -Architecture ‘x64’ -Description ‘Windows Server 2016 Standard Evaluation’ -ImageName ‘Windows Server 2016 Standard Evaluation’ -Filename ‘2016_x64_EN_Eval.iso’

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